Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10/26! Make A Wish!

This year could see you outgoing, positive, generally happy, young at heart, or able to see the bright side to most any situation. You might have the opportunity to enjoy travel, competition, being a team player, the life of the party, or the one who lights up a room, and your exuberance or confidence could become contagious. You could demonstrate a gift for boosting the esteem of others, however, you can be exhausting, draining, or be feeding off the energy of others around you, or overlooking the suffering of others. You may get carried away, have manic tendencies, or not know when to slow down, relax, or quit, but learning to balance a sunny, extroverted disposition, with the need to chill out once in a while, can result in genuine gratitude for just being alive. This could be a really exciting year for you.

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