Thursday, September 12, 2013

Perfectly Chocolate Chocolate Cupcakes

In the past few months I've made these cupcakes three different times. This picture is from the middle time I made them. The first time, I forgot to buy cupcake liners so I had to just bake them in the tins sprayed with Pam for Baking. The second time, I did it intentionally because I liked the results. And the third time, which was just this past Wednesday, was because I'm trying to make it my thing.

I did some experimenting this last time and used brown sugar instead of white sugar and Nestle's cocoa instead of Hershey's. The only other change was that I greased and floured the tins because I ran out of Pam. I bought Nestle's because it was cheaper than Hershey's, but according to the nutritional information on the box Nestle's has a higher fat content. Maybe it was a combination of heavier sugar or richer cocoa but this last batch was the most delicious I've ever made. I think I'll keep the changes.

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