Friday, July 19, 2013

Chocolate Explosion!

This cake was a commission for a friend of a friend. The birthday boy requested (or it was requested on his behalf) a "chocolate Bundt cake with chocolate chips and chocolate icing." I didn't have a recipe that fit the description so I had to improvise and experiment.

Not pictured are the test cakes. The first attempt was a chocolate pound cake. I'm not sure if it was the addition of chocolate chips to the recipe, but the cake did not cut very well. It tasted okay but not really spectacular. The first attempt at the icing was spot-on with the exception of being doubled in the finished product.

The second stab at the cake was a heavy chocolate cake recipe that I've used before with the addition of chocolate chips. Test cake #2 cut very nicely and tasted great so I knew I had a winner. I topped that cake with a white chocolate icing, which was a little too sweet for the cake, but was just for fun since I like white chocolate.

The final cake was well-received and might have led to another commission. It's a little too chocolaty for me, but is just chocolaty enough for chocoholics.

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